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Research Materials

A collection of materials for researching Royce's life and work.

The Works of Josiah Royce: A Critical Edition

A critical edition of the works and papers of Josiah Royce is underway. Visit the project's online home

An Agenda for Future Research

Professor Jacquelyn Kegley outlined an agenda for Royce scholarship in the following two documents (Fall 2011):

A Royce Agenda: Promising Areas of Research for Future Scholarship on the Life and Work of Josiah Royce (Summary)

Philosophy as a Continual Unfolding: Interpretation and Expansion of Community: Moving Forward with A Royce Agenda (PDF of complete lecture)

Comprehensive Index of the Writings of Josiah Royce

The Comprehensive Index of the Royce materials at Harvard University was created in 2010 by Frank M. Oppenheim, S.J., with the assistance of Dawn Aberg and John Kaag. It is hosted by the Institue of American Thought, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

The Papers of Josiah Royce at Harvard

Papers of Josiah Royce: An Inventory is a finding aid to the Royce materials at the Harvard University Archives, created by Harvard University in 2010. From the descriptive summary:
This collection contains extensive writings, research notes, and correspondence documenting Royce's philosophical thought as a student, scholar, and teacher. Materials include Royce's manuscripts for many, but not all, of his published works, as well as drafts, outlines, and lectures, including course notes and lectures, and Royce's research notebooks on logic. The collection also includes research notes and correspondence pertaining to Royce's work on the history of California, as well as some documentation of Royce's friendship with William James.

Royce Family Obituaries

In December 2009, Matthew Morris of Calgary, Alberta discovered obituaries of Royce's father, Josiah Royce, Sr. (1812-1888) and of his uncle, Robert Royce (1809-1887), among a collection of family newspaper clippings.

The obituaries and further information may be found here.

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